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Bonjour Dakar!

Colors and music mixed with the energy of a vibrant and relaxing city. Dakar is, doubtlessly, a place of contrasts. Get ready to discover other lifestyles, to haggle, to talk a lot. Let yourself be surprised, explore, feel, and enjoy the Senegalese «Teranga»

Places to visit

Gorée Island is the most important historical spot. Take the boat from the port and start discovering the history of slavery in Senegal. Museums, former slave houses, colonial style architecture... all surrounded by nature and the sea. There are also many artists and artisans and restaurants where you can eat tasty grilled fish. Don't miss it! Close to the hotel La Madrague, in Mamelles, La Corniche is located- a promenade walk that leads into the city center. On the way you will find the lighthouse of Mamelles, with a spectacular view of the sea, the new statue «La Renaissance» representing the rebirth of the African people and La Divinité, a large mosque located by the sea. It is well worth going down to observe the fishermen and the young men training for Senegalese wrestling, the national sport. Dakar is also full of sport activities like fishing or surfing and activities for families like canoe trips or Accro-Baobab.


Dakar has a large variety of restaurants, there are places for every taste and every wallet- from the dish of the day in a local place to the most selective international cuisine. The local fish and seafood are a must, do not miss our special menu.

Local products

  • Thieboudienne: most popular dish in Senegal that includes a big plate of rice with fish and vegetables.
  • Bissap: of hibiscous flowers it is prepared this deliciously sweet and refreshing pink drink.
  • Mangos: get to taste a mango "pêche" and your trip will be worth it.
  • Peanuts: you will find them everywhere and in many ways: sweetened, toasted, natural…, they are also used to elaborate the sauce of many traditional dishes like Maffe. They are yummy in every way!

Where to buy

There is plenty of local and touristic markets in Dakar where you can buy food, clothes and souvenirs. The market Kermel is the most famous one for being located in the city center and mantain the french colonial style from 1860. By La Corniche, next to Fann Hock área, we can find the artisan market, a more organised place where you can buy every kind of things. If yu feel like finding more authentic places, head to Sandaga market, next to La Place de l’Indépendance, and you will find the greatest selection of african wax fabrics.
Prices are always negotiable, take your time to talk to the sellers, you will get a better price and you will know what you are buying, where it comes from, the tradition.


Every night you can enjoy live music, local and international parties, small bars or big parties at the beach... Among our classics we have the piano performances in Hotel Casino Cap Vert, 5 minutes far from La Madrague, or concerts of popular senegalese musicians like Ismael Lô at the French Institute, Balajo club or Just 4 You.

Art and culture

Many international and national art exhibitions take place in Dakar throughout the year. Music, theater and dance festivals like Kaay Fecc, Africa Fête, Blues du Fleuve or Gorée Diaspora Festival; art, photography, concerts or fashion shows in the many cultural centers of the city and tons of programmed and spontaneous music events.

You definitely can not leave Senegal without watching a Sabar show, or even better: attending a dancing workshop!

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